Luxburg® 80" 162x122cm 4K 3D Simple Bar Projector Projection Screen - Matt White Fabric 4:3 (65"x 49") - Wall or Ceiling mountable

Format 4:3 | Diagonal 80 Inch | Dimensions of Viewing Area 163x123 cm
3-layer 0.42mm matt white canvas with luminance factor / gain factor of 1.0 - ideal for 4K or Full HD 1080p and 3D. The material consists of 3 layers of PVC. The matt white surface provides perfect and uniform light diffusion and an angle-independent image quality, optimal colour representation and excellent sharpness and it best suits for use in low light with highly luminous projectors.
The fabric is designed so that no light is lost - hence the canvas is compatible with virtually any projector. The back is black and opaque. The materials are fireproof and waterproof, not deform and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Black edge masking is used for optical contrast enhancement. Lightweight yet very robust fabric ensures stability.
Can be easily attached to almost any surface using self-adhesive Hook & Loop fastener
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Luxburg® Projection Screens
Luxburg® offers a wide range of high-quality screens, suitable for almost every situation. Whether at home or for everyday use in the office, screenings in large conference rooms, cozy movie nights, table presentations at external appointments - Luxburg® is the perfect projection screen for you

Simple bar projection screen
With Simple projection screen from Luxburg you will able to watch presentations, sport matches, movies or tv shows almost everywhere. It can be easily hanged to the wall, without any encumbrance in your office or living room. Durable and convenient. The precision design and the use of high quality materials ensure images are sharp and accurate. The screen has black borders and back side to increase the video quality.
Screen can be simply rolled up and put away for convenient storage or tranportation if needed.

- Type: Simple Projector Screen
- Format: 4:3
- 4K UHD | 3D | HD | Full HD
- Canvas: Matt White
- Fabric: 3-ply vinyl fabric 0.42mm
- Gain factor: 1.0
- Viewing angle: 150°
- Back: black, opaque
- Size of the viewing area: 163x123 cm
- Screen Size: 80" Inch
- Black Border: 3 cm
- Cleaning: possible, with a damp cloth
- Weight: 1.3 kg
- Body: Aluminium
- Housing Size: 175x3cm
- Packaging Size: approx. 180x9x6 cm, 1.5kg

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More Information
Additional Specifications Wall or Ceiling mountable
Colour Black
Viewing area (L x W) 162x122cm / 65x49inch
Diagonal 80"
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Fabric Matt White