Luxburg® 100" 221x125cm 16:9 Premium Electric Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen - PVC (87"x 49")

Format 16:9 | Diagonal 100 Inch | Dimensions 221 x 125 cm | Suitable for other popular formats thanks to the flexibly adjustable roll-out mechanism.
PVC fabric, gain factor of 1.0 - ideal for Full HD 1080p and 3D. By combining the PVC fabric with improved tensioned mechanism we managed to achieve perfect mirror-flat screen surface seeing before only on fixed frame screens.The fabric is designed so that no light is lost - hence the canvas is compatible with virtually any projector. The back is black and opaque. The materials are waterproof, not deform and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Black edge masking is used for optical contrast enhancement. Lightweight yet very robust aluminum housing ensures stability.
The tension system ensures perfectly smooth surface without wrinkles and deformations and thus for better video experience. The electric motor allows silent operation with low power consumption. It is controlled by the wall control or the supplied remote control.
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Luxburg® Projection Screens
Luxburg® offers a wide range of high-quality screens, suitable for almost every situation. Whether at home or for everyday use in the office, screenings in large conference rooms, cozy movie nights, table presentations at external appointments - Luxburg® is the perfect projection screen for you.

Premium Tab Tension electric projection screen
The Luxburg® tab-tensioned projector screen is equipped with an adjustable inner bracket to ensure a flat viewing surface to create a theatre level image effect. No more waves or wrinckles even after few years of active use. The elastic tightening system will completely balance the surface tension making the viewing area as smooth as a mirror surface. The precision design and the use of high quality materials ensure images are sharp and accurate.
It can be easily hanged to the wall or ceiling, without any encumbrance in your office or living room. The electric pull down and the built-in adjustable vertical limit switchs allow you to regulate the drop/rise settings and choose the screen size you like more. Tubular motor provides more silent operation with extended operational longevity and low power consumption. Manual and remote controllers are included.

- Type: tab-tensioned projector screen
Format: 16:9
- UHD - | 3D | HD | Full HD
- Canvas: Matt White
- Gain factor: 1.0
- Viewing angle: to 150°
- Back: black, opaque
- Size of the viewing area: 221x125 cm
- Screen Size: 100" Inch
- Black Border: Side - 3.5 cm, bottom - 10 cm
- Cleaning: possible, with a damp cloth
- Weight: 11 kg
- Body: Aluminium
- Housing Size: 254x8.5x6 cm
- Packaging Size: approx. 264x15.2x13.8 cm, 12.5kg

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More Information
Additional Specifications Wall or Ceiling mountable - with Remote Control
Colour White
Motor type Tubular
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 138x152x2640mm
Viewing area (L x W) 221x125cm / 87x49inch
Diagonal 100"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Fabric PVC