Luxburg 200x200 cm Professional Roll Up Green Backdrop,Chromakey Background for Photo, Video, Live Game,Virtual Studio - Black Case

- Suitable for different hight thanks to the unique controlled winding and locking mechanism!
-Wide range application. Special effects, widely used in Studios, Youtube videos, Live Games, Interviews, Music Videos etc.
-Super handy to change the background in post-production in Photoshop and different scenes; Wrinkle-resistant optimized for Camera Chroma keying. Pull-down Design Easy Set-up and roll-up.
-White octagonal shell with steel end caps and metal hooks (not cheap plastic!) for Wall and Ceiling Mounting Options
-Delivery by courier: UK - next working day; Europe: 2-5 working days!
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Luxburg Professional Roll Up Green Backdrop
Luxburg offers a wide range of high-quality backdrop, suitable for almost every situation. Whether at home or for everyday use in the studio, live stream in gaming, filming for YouTube, filming and editing for Special Effects, interviews, or music videos. Luxburg is the perfect professional backdrop for you.

Professional Roll Up Backdrop.
This roll-up backdrop can be used anywhere, whether you are at home making a tutorial, or in a studio filming and editing the background or putting special effects, your Professional Roll Up Backdrop comes handy. It can be mount to both wall or ceiling, and does not occupy much space when folded. To set up the backdrop just pull down the bottom to your desired position and keep it held down briefly and it is ready to use! The canvas can be stopped at any hight with approximate 10cm increment. For rolling up drag it down slightly, to disengage from the latch and let it slide slowly back into the housing.


- Type: Roll Up Professional Backdrop
- Canvas: Green
- Fabric: 3-ply vinyl fabric 0.42mm
- Cleaning: possible, with a damp cloth
- Weight: 7.7 kg
- Body: Steel
- Housing Size: 217 cm, diameter 6.4 cm cm
- Packaging Size: approx. 231x14.5x12.8 cm, 9 kg

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More Information
Additional Specifications Wall or Ceiling mountable
Colour Black
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 231x14.5x12.8 cm
Viewing area (L x W) 200x200cm
Aspect Ratio 1:1
Fabric Green Chromakey